To manage efficiently a galleryis a long-term duty, it is not simply to exhibit some worksor to organize some events. Our task is wider. Below is a list of some of the actions our team is familiar to handle.

Services to Art collectors
  • Our main duty is to find and promote the very best artists to collectors and clients
  • To offer reasonable prices
  • To provide relevant and original lectures related to Art, Art Trends and Art Investment
  • To enlarge permanently our international network and to be able to maintain worldwide survey about art markets.
Art Investment
  • We provide art & investment lectures
  • We bring international art experts and investments experts to deliver you their knowledge, advice and expertise
  • We help companies to build an enterprise art investment project and invest in art strategy
  • We support individual collectors to build a collection strategy, avoid mistakes, reduce financial risk, build an Art investment plan for 5 or 10 years.
Master Works
  • We search worldwide Masters according to investors’ requirements on a retainer contract
  • Master search assignment start at minimum 150 000 US$
  • Most frequent requirements from clients:
    • French and Italian Renaissance (Period roughly from 1300-1600)
    • Impressionism (Monet, Pissarro, Cézanne, Renoir, Sisley, Degas …)
    • Pop-Art (Warhol), Political Pop-Art (Wang GuangYi)
    • Cubism, Surrealism (Picasso, Braque, Delaunay, Fernand Leger, Dali …)
    • French masters, period between 1600 and 1900: Courbet, Corot, Poussin …
Services to individuals, families, corporate offices, real estate developers
  • Everybody is not Art Collector and numerous are individuals and companies interested by high end exclusive decoration for their apartment, their office, Head Quarter, Hotelor villa
  • For such clients, we provide the very best artists whose works will perfectly match their requirements. Our interior decoration designers will help you to match furniture, tables, and lighting with exquisite works. Some of our artists work on special order from clients
  • For families, we organize frequently kids creativity lessons and kids art lessons.
Corporate Services to organizations / CSR
  • We rent our gallery for corporate events, company meetings, team building or Directors’ strategic meetings. Space renting including all facilities. We organize art appreciation, art salon and workshop regularly
  • We help marketing teams to build a corporate art sponsoring policy
  • We search for the best artists to promote and support CSR strategy (Corporate Social Responsibility): Ecology, Green & Environment, company’s sense of responsibility towards the community and environment (waste and pollution reduction processes)
  • Artworks renting & leasing: our professional design team will bring all its expertise to lighten up offices and HQwith unique premium decors
  • Crossover Cooperation: Art derivatives as gift or stimulation for employees, distributors or client incentive. Customized artistic derivatives with company information as Company promotion or corporate gifts.
Services to artists
  • We promote Chinese, Western and Asian artists
  • We organize events & exhibitions
  • We participate to International fairs in China, Asia, Europe and North Americas
  • We organize online events and exhibitions
  • We ensure permanent and long-term relation with Media
  • In some cases, we may rent our gallery as a space ready to use
  • We do what must be done to guarantee artist long-term value of the quotation of its works. It is the only way to guarantee collector investment. We work hard to educate artists and buyers to avoid the temptation of short term profit by dealing in direct: such short-term deals are the best way the quotation of artists never to increase.